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Creating Space

There are ways, a number of them, to create space. On a yoga mat, in our head, in our heart, our life, our closet, within our selves. It's the WHY we need to create space that interests me. What needs to go, what no longer serves, and just WHAT are we making room for. That takes some thought. We have an innate desire to improve, do more, be better. So sometimes, we need more space to evolve into our better version.

Creating space is simply about becoming more present to what is, right now, in our lives (relationships, work, habits etc) and then clearing out or letting go of what doesn't leave us feeling positive and at peace in any given moment. Mark Nepo said "Sooner or later, if we want to feel what it is to be alive in a Universe that is alive, we will have to empty ourselves, open our hearts and listen."

Our yoga practice is a very physical matter of space and the creating of it. On the mat, we create space in our bodies. We use our breath to expand the ribs, the chest, the back and belly. We also use our breath to "breathe" into different parts of our body, maybe where we are holding tension, worry, fear. And we visualize our body as a vessel for our breath as we listen to what our body is telling us (tension in the shoulders, pain underneath right scapula, tight hips from sitting all darn day). Asanas is another physical space creator. We lengthen our body and we expand in different ways than we do during the course of our day spent in the car or at a desk. It's important to leave space for change, not nickels and dimes, but transformation. Every practice is different and we must give the pose it's latitude to change and vary as needed. And so we come into a pose or Asana with enough room to let it be. Just allow it to evolve and progress as necessary.

We create space in our mind through meditation. Did you know, 80% of thoughts we hold onto are either from our past, we've already had them and they are on a repeat & replay untill they are played out. Just imagine how much more space you could create in your head if you simply shut out old thoughts. Even for a moment. What a relief that would feel like. Space creation is training, it trains us to let go of expectation and become more flexible.

Creating space may mean finally decluttering that closet of yours or the garage or wherever you like to accumulate stuff. This is the stuff that you hate thinking about, and the fact that you're thinking about it means it's in the way of you being your best you. It's part of that 80% of old recycled thoughts clogging up your forward trajectory toward awesomeness.

Emotional space clearing, hmmmm this one can be very tough because, well, emotions. Any thought or emotion that we feel holds us back is a thought or emotion that really just needs to be dealt with. And that can get ugly, feel impossible, take time. But be kind to yourself. Take baby steps and seek professional help if you need extra support. There are ways it's just finding what's right for you.

Empty your self, open your heart and just listen....

Namastay Healthy


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