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October 2020 - Why I Do That Thing I Do

In honor of National Massage Week this Month 10/20-26th,

here is the story of "Why I Do That Thing I Do"

I have been asked too many times to count why I do what I do, how did I get into Massage Therapy. Well, I guess the obvious answer is that I like to help people. But digging a little deeper leads to the thrill I feel when I get to witness an 'Aha' moment when a client realizes how connected their body all it's parts, to the mind, how the nervous system works in weird and unusual ways and the best, that our breath really can help us manage pain. It is also super rewarding to watch a client, who may have walked into the office, face drawn, weary from nagging musculoskeletal pain, slumped over because holding their head up is just too much effort....yeah, that person. And that same person walking out of the office transformed, relieved even a little bit, and they are smiling and walking a little taller. That's the best! When clients' realize that their health is paramount and they are in the driver's seat for making sure they get what they need, and it just may be some Neuromuscular therapy or Myofascial release, maybe a pinch of Postural Correction or perhaps a smidge of Breath Work.

This stuff isn't just what I do, it's part of who I am and how I've chosen to live my life the last 30 years. OK, I'm gonna tell ya, it really really started with a cookbook gifted to me by my then Mother In Law about 31 years ago. It was truly eye opening to learn the truth about many foods, what was really in them and how horrible they are, like no human should consume them. I was alarmed, I felt lied to, who came up with our "standard American diet" anyway (I know now but then I was just feeling the rage). So I started learning everything I could about food, nutrition, cooking basics (TBT when I was first married I wasn't sure how to make a hardboiled egg. wow). I then took a serious interest in plant medicine. I studied the work of herbalists like Juliette de Bairclay Levy, Rosemary Gladstar and Susan Weed. I studied how to identify/harvest wild plants, making tinctures, salves, infusions, even dandelion wine (it was gross). Jars of dried plants, roots, bark and berries adorned my kitchen shelves and neighbors swore my house had chicken legs and that my broom stick was jet fueled. Small elaboration there for the sake of story telling but the jars of dried plants really did exist. Thus was born my passion for holistic healing and I was on a mission to share it's goodness with others. I believe that the human body has an enormous capacity to self regulate and self heal when given a good balance of basics such as clean water, nutritious food, restful sleep and a few jokes to keep us laughing.

Since I was very very young I had this thought, or maybe it was more of a feeling, that if someone was hurting, physically or emotionally, If I could just put my hand on them I could help ease their pain. Yes, I know, a little "out there" and maybe I was a weirdo kid, right? Nah, because fast forward to 3:33am, 3 days before my 33rd birthday when I woke up knowing, literally knowing, that the very next day I would be registering for an Associates' program in Massotherapy. It was time to step into my calling. But let me tell you, If I had even a clue of the enormity of those Anatomy and Physiology books I'd be required to learn, shoot, I would've moonwalked my way right out of that registration with a quickness. I mean c'mon, some of those textbooks were literally, not even joking, the size of living room furniture. Looking back, the struggle, the two years of isolation, the time away from my family, the failures, the successes, maintaining a decent GPA....all worth it! I love what I do, I get to work with people (not "on" them) to find real solutions to living a healthier life, to actualize results that help folks keep living their best lives!!

So a heartfelt thanks to all my clients over the years, near and far. You have given me so much to be grateful for!!


~ Elisa ~

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