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April 2020 - Time Out

So we're all in time out. It's nice and not so nice all at the same time. When I'm busy, I daydream of how wonderful unstructured time would be and to not HAVE to go anywhere, just to be at home. Now that I CAN'T go anywhere, I daydream of the good 'ole days when we'd spend our Saturday night at Crafty Crust for pizza or margarita Monday's at Papi Chulo. My home-made margs just aren't the same!!

I have to put my shields up against the frustration and just take inventory of what I have and what I CAN do....embrace some gratitude. I now have the most organized drawers, everything from socks to yoga pants. And my pantry, whoa, even Martha Stewart would be so proud of this level of organization. I've also found an abundance of time for art projects that required serious dusting first. I've started a Scherenschnitte, German word meaning paper cutting, looks like lace when I'm done! This one will be a wedding gift for my good friends who've had to postpone their celebration because of this virus. But as I work and trace and cut and think of them....I'm so hopeful. I'm hopeful that their rescheduled wedding will be just as sweet, I'm hopeful for for all of our futures being filled with sweetness. We will come out of this stronger, knit together by surviving a common experience, more connected as humans and as a community.

And here's more good news. My entire professional career, 17 years, has been devoted and dedicated to taking care of people. Well, I've shifted gears and now spend 3 days a week caring for horses. Yep, it's hard work and like cleaning the biggest cat box imaginable. But the horses, they are so pretty, so sweet natured. I carry water buckets, wheelbarrows full of hay, clean tack, lead horses in and out of the barn and so much sweeping I think I've actually worn out a broom. But I am at such peace with it all AND, here's the silver lining, ready?? This work has coincided with my training in Equine Massage. I never thought I'd get to do this but I AM! Now that's a real nice silver lining! I truly believe that life is much sweeter when we're looking for silver linings instead of storm clouds. So keep looking, you'll find them! And JUST BREATHE!!

Another project during my time out, will be putting together Self Care videos for ya'll. I know it's not the same as scheduling your regular massage but for now, it will hopefully be useful. And as for that regular massage time that I know you all love and depend on, I put together a nice savings plan for you, SAVE NOW/SCHEDULE LATER massage packages are available on the website. Please share with your friends and family so that they can stock up too!!

Thank you all, stay safe at home, look for silver linings and please don't hesitate to give me a call or text if you have questions, comments, suggestions or just to say HI!!



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