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Let's Unwind

April showers brought May flowers around here at Restoration Bodywork and there is lots of wellness springing up. Yoga Wellness classes have begun in the new yoga space. Friends have been stopping by to help break in the new studio (stay tuned for those photos on social media :))

These semi-private yoga classes are carefully crafted to support deep healing. Wednesday nights at 6pm is a Restorative Flow. It’s an hour long gentle Vinyasa for strength and balance building combined with Yin for slow sustained stretching; you can count on an extra long relaxing Savasana at the end. A nice well rounded fusion of styles that is a perfect fit for beginners to seasoned Yogis.

Roll Therapy on Friday’s at 8:30a.m. is a class for rolling out aches & pains, improving posture, enhancing performance using therapy balls. I will show you how to do your own Myofascial Release massage to relieve held pain patterns & restrictions, treat trigger points (knots). Think of it as a continuation of your massage therapy. We will end class in an extended Restorative pose promoting a balanced nervous system and calm body & mind.

At 4:30p.m. on Saturday’s, join me for Thai yogaSSage. If you’ve never tried Thai Yoga Massage, this would be a great place to give you a little taste. While you melt and unwind in supported Restorative poses, I will further that relaxation with some gentle Thai Massage, compression, light stretching etc., as you slip into a deeply relaxed state. It’s the best of both yoga and massage.

For some serious mind melting and body unwinding, join me on the mat! Class reservations must be made online at These are semi-private classes and space is limited to just 4 students. Keeps it cozy and allows me time to really work with you one on one. Looking forward to seeing you in class!

Namastay Healthy!


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