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Plunging into 2022

Stepping into the New Year, how tentative did you feel about it? Or not, maybe you took the Kool Aid plunge. I can’t say I plunged right into 2022 but I did take a very intentional step forward into this fresh timeline. I’m a “process” girl. Yes, I relish in and lounge my way through transitions. I get my journals, my favorite pens, my softest blanket, cup of tea and snuggle up on the couch and…. I sit. On the outside, it may appear nothing is happening. But what isn’t observable to the naked eye is the tornado of thought, raw emotion, heartfelt dream scenes rallying around inside me. I don’t have a plan for what to write down first, it’s total chaos in my journal for oh, I don’t know, a few weeks give or take. But it’s all part of my creative visionary process for how I see the new year ahead. It’s how I go about planting my dreams and desires so that I can tend that garden of personal success throughout the year.

Not every plan is huge, some are so small and insignificant that someone might wonder why I waste the ink to even write it down. That’s not the point and size doesn’t matter here. Write those goals down, get them out of your head and heart. Put them out there, look at them daily, focus regularly on bringing them about and be amazed at what you get back in return. According to a principle of Quantum Physics, everything (including people) has the power to attract the same kind of energy we put out. The Universe is chock full of what scientists refer to as “strings” of energy. This energy moves within and around us at every moment of every day. Our personal energy moves outward from us and connects with others of like resonance, determining both whom and what we’ll attract in life.

This is something I like to think of, especially when I’m in planning mode. Stacking my goals against this principle of energetic magnetism is part of my personal accountability. Whatever I’m unleashing into this energetic rumble, it better be good/positive/healing/first rate/quality/pure of heart kind of ‘you know what’ because it’s not just for me. It’s for us all.

Whatever your process is into the new year, make it uniquely yours. Know that happiness is your choice. If something isn’t working, it’s a choice to change it, and sometimes that change is our perspective.

A blessing of loving kindness for 2022

May you be happy

May you be healthy

May you be peaceful


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