Restorative Ayurveda  
Healing Offerings

Abhyanga Message 

One of the most profound healing tools used in the ancient system of medicine and life science known as Ayurveda.  Abhyanga is a gentle massage using warmed herbal infused oils.  This treatment is deeply nourishing and supportive body, mind and spirit.  A restorative treatment that evokes a profound calming of the nervous system as well as a deep relaxation of the body.  This is not deep tissue work for the muscles but focuses on deeper layers of tissues, circulatory & nervous systems.  Abhyanga combined with the activation of Marma, or acupressure points help to improve circulation, release blockages, detoxify, reduce stress & improve sleep.  This treatment is enhanced with Biomat Infrared Therapy, taking your healing to a deeper level.

60 minutes……..$139.

90 minutes……..$189.

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